White Label CBD – We Help With The Whole Process

Oct 22, 19
White Label CBD – We Help With The Whole Process

At Hemp White Label Co., we have built a full turnkey service for helping others build a CBD business quickly, market CBD oils and related CBD products. Cannabis is a quickly growing industry – if you've read a bit about it, you probably know why you want to get involved, but you might not know how.

We have invested in the right processes, people and assets to empower our clients to work directly with a manufacturer and bring their CBD products to market. Here are three key ways that we support you throughout the entire CBD commerce process.

The Products

Our GMP-certified facility produces white label CBD products. What that means is that we crank out the oil tinctures, softgels, gummies, topical creams, vape pens and put your name on the bottle. Our client companies benefit from having easy outsourced production with their own branding with our pre-formulated products and get to market fast.  We also offer custom formulation on any product you have in mind. Want a CBD gummy bear with melatonin and vitamins? No problem. Want a topical cream that helps with joint pain and smells like lavender? Easy!  

There's a lot more to explain about this process, so get involved with our teams to learn more about how this can help you to jumpstart a CBD business.

Legal Compliance

While CBD products are currently not regulated, we have on-staff legal advisors who are well versed in FDA requirements.  Did you know that the FDA warning needs to be on a specific place on the label? Did you know it has to be a certain font?  Did you know that the Supplemental Facts has to be formatted a specific way? Did you know that CBD should be referred to as Hemp Extract in the supplemental facts box?  Each label design is reviewed by our legal compliance team to ensure that your labels are in compliance with what the FDA may require when regulation does occur. This will keep you out of the cross hairs of the FDA and save you a lot of money from having to recall the product.  When you work with Hemp White Label Co., you are working with a trusted partner who cares deeply about manufacturing with the highest standards and best ingredients. Every order includes a potency and profile COA to ensure you and your clients are getting what you expected.     

Online Assets

One of the most common ways that people are selling CBD products is through the Internet. But most of the successful stores have their own fully functional e-commerce website.

What if you don't have the right people or resources to optimize SEO, setup merchant process for CBD, set you up for drop shipping?  No problem – we’ll do that for you, too.

With experienced web designers and time-tested techniques and methodology, we excel at building websites for our clients. That's one of those other important stepping stones in outsourcing functionality for a CBD e-commerce business.

Order Fulfillment

Okay, so your website is built. How do you handle orders?

One common problem with order fulfillment is that the workflow process tends to be extremely difficult. Most beginning businesses can't pay to have a warehouse and tools to ship out products on time.  We provide order fulfillment as part of our turnkey services as well. When a sale is made on your website, we get notified of the order and ship out the order on the same or next business day.  

Our clients are able to promote their brands and get visibility for their business, without having to in-source everything they need to send products to customers. Get high-quality order fulfillment through our climate-controlled facility in Orange County, California, with same-day or next-day business service

We think that our full life cycle turnkey CBD system is pretty impressive. You might get parts of the service from different vendors, but when you get everything from one source, it's much easier to manage your day-to-day operations. Call us or use our live chat to get all of your questions answered and get on the way to making money with CBD products. 

We’re Here for You...

Once your order is done, our partnership does not end there.  We are here for you every step of the way and answer any questions that you may have to operate and grow your business.