CBD Trends To Look Out For

Jul 24, 19
CBD Trends To Look Out For

CBD Trends To Look Out For

There is a whole lot of buzz about CBD, with many believing that cannabidiol products are part of a budding market that will grow tremendously over the next few years. After all, the fact that CBD isn’t psychoactive means that there is much less pressure from law enforcement.

Of course, it can be tough to find out exactly where an industry is headed. Who will be interested most in CBD products? If you’re an entrepreneur, you might be figuring out which demographic to target, or what strategic locations might maximize profitability. Either way, there will certainly be interesting CBD trends that we didn’t expect. Here are some of the CBD trends that might end up taking the market by surprise.

CBD And A Sweet Tooth

It’s no secret that many individuals all across the world are interested in marijuana edibles. After all, the marijuana edibles industry is growing significantly, with a report suggesting that the sector will actually quadruple within several years.

Either way, you might be seeing some of your favorite snacks infused with CBD sooner than you thought. While there are no concrete plans, the CEO of Hershey’s, Michele Buck, stated that the trend is being “evaluated”. It might not be the bullish sign that many CBD entrepreneurs hope for - but when you consider that Hershey’s is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world, “evaluating” might mean that CBD chocolate enters the houses of millions of families faster than imagined.

CBD Cocktails

There are all sorts of useful CBD products out there, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to relax, whether it’s to meet up for a date, grab drinks with a friend, or simply head to the bar by yourself.

Why not grab a CBD cocktail? While it might not be available everywhere, there are already some bars that actually have them. For example, Adriaen Block, a CBD restaurant and bar, opened about a year ago in New York City. While it might not be trendy yet, a CBD cocktail might be served soon at a bar near you. There are also CBD-infused beers popping up, as well.

CBD skin products

There are plenty of health trends out there, but one incredible aspect of CBD is that it isn’t simply limited to one sector. Plenty of skincare companies are getting in on the action, eager to market CBD creams and gels to millennials and teenagers.

CBD already has a reputation for being able to alleviate and comfort, so the idea of CBD-infused lotions and creams has actually gained traction. There are even dermatologists who agree that CBD has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, as well.